Come help build the fitness company of the 21st Century

Flex are seeking LA's most engaging instructors to deliver audio & video HIIT workouts to launch a new fitness technology concept. Full details below.

Who We Are

Flex is a company on a mission to make at-home workouts feel as exciting as playing a game with your friends. We combine video & audio workouts with wearables that count your reps in real-time to deliver a fun, gamified, social fitness experience. Imagine this on your TV…

Originally from London, we've just graduated from the world-renowned technology accelerator Techstars in Boulder, CO to build the “Netflix of fitness”, “Peloton without the bike” or “Orangetheory Fitness at home”.

The Classes

In the short term we've taken a page out of Aaptiv's book to offer video classes with audio coaching as the primary means of delivering content. That means that, if you're camera shy - you should still apply!

Classes are recorded in a sound booth, it's extremely comfortable and doesn't interfere with the rest of your classes on a day.

Here's a rough idea of what it might be like (this was a test class run by us :D)

Before every class we work with you on the choreography & the music to make sure that you can focus on coaching and being your best self while we worry about the details.

What's Next?

We're casting our net wide for these positions. We want quirky, different, vibrant and professional. We want Flex members to have Love/Hate relationships with different instructors. We want to elevate unique stories and styles. We want you.

We're running our first round of applications/auditions online - Here's what's needed once you click:
Social media details
Current work situation
Favorite workout track
Demo Class - What we need here is a 2 minute audio recording of you coaching this demo class. The choreography is as such - 30 seconds intro, 1 minute squats, 1 minute jumping jacks. Simply attach the file in the form or send us a link to it.