Does Flex work with heart rate wearables?

Flex requires wearables with a motion sensor to automatically count your reps. Most heart rate wearables do not have a motion sensor, so they are not sufficient to power the full Flex experience. However, we're looking into supporting heart rate wearables paired to smart watches to provide more accurate heart rate data.

Does Flex work on Android?

Flex currently requires an Apple Watch, which is why we don't support Android yet. We're working on adding support for Android phones & watches very soon.

Does Flex have an Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Roku app?

Not yet.
The classes can be watched via Chromecast and Airplay from within the Flex app.
We are working on standalone Apple TV, Android TV, Fire Stick & Roku apps.

How much does Flex cost?

Flex is FREE!
This is while we are in the early beta stage of Flex. After the 1st of September we will start charging for Flex at the low introductory price of $19.99 a month.

Why do I need a smart watch?

At the core, Flex is a dramatically different experience to that of a dusty fitness DVD. This is because we hold you and others accountable when working out. This also means we can get crazy with classes and have a tonne of fun while tracking your stats and showing you that you're killing it.

With your heart rate and rep data our instructors can motivate you through the class and you can find it within yourself to push harder.

How does Flex work?

Flex brings together great instructors and killer music and livestreams classes designed to jack up your heart rate and get you sweating. You and the community take these classes from where you are, wearing a smart watch which allows everyone to see how hard you are working out. Some even compete.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for incredible talent. If you want to join a team taking on a multi-billion dollar industry:
(1) Check our careers page for available roles
(2) Send us an email with your resume/CV and some background information at hello@sweatflex.com

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