More Calories. More Endorphins. More Intense.

Interactive workouts that have you feeling great everyday.

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Experience a new kind of workout.

Get an intense calorie burn without thinking about it. (We're talking like 500kcal in 30 minutes intense)

Bounce to your beat. Rock, Hip Hop, Trap remix... we've got the playlist in class for you.

Awesome instructors from the world's healthiest city in design every class to the beat.

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Always forward. Forward, always.

We'll give you unrivalled progress. We promise you'll get better and have the stats to prove it!

Compete against yourself and the community in every class. Live or on-demand there's always someone to push you.

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Above all, Flex is a community. Never work out alone again.

Get to the top of your class with the the real-time leaderboard.

Weekly competitions and rewards let you show off your swagger.

Compete against friends. Ruin friendships and build new ones.

"So FLEX is Orangetheory, but like wayyy better and you can do it from home."

Jessica B, Massachusetts

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